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Peter Wilson-Australia mail me mail to Andre

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Australia 1977

........Captain Wilson picture gallery, stories and more coming soon ! ! !

"I`m captain of the Australian soccer team, and elected by the players. It`s the greatest thing that`s ever happenend to me."  Peter Wilson

kap-fa71.jpg (13714 Byte) kap-dund72-x.jpg (11225 Byte) 03-Captain.jpg (18163 Byte)
vs. England FA 1971                      vs. Dundee FC                               vs. Israel 1971    

06-Captain.jpg (13893 Byte) 04-Captain.jpg (19460 Byte)
vs. Bugaria 1973                 vs. Iran in Sydney World Cup qualifying match 1973   

kap-west.jpg (15420 Byte) kap-ge74-x.jpg (13401 Byte) 07-Captain.jpg (17043 Byte)
World Cup vs. East Germany                 1974 vs. West Germany Captain Franz Beckenbauer         

02-Captain.jpg (17374 Byte) 08-Captain.jpg (17753 Byte) kap-ussr75.jpg (10639 Byte)
vs. Chile WC 1974                    vs. Legia Warshaw 1975                    vs. USSR 1975    

09-Captain.jpg (15465 Byte) kap-hkong-x.jpg (12411 Byte) 10-Captain.jpg (18980 Byte)
vs. Hong Kong 1976               vs. Hong Kong World Cup qualifying match 1977 in Adelaide

kap-korea-x.jpg (13261 Byte) 01-Captain.jpg (14592 Byte)